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High Contrast - True Colours LP

Juan Love

TRIBE Member
Has anyone else heard this one yet?
I just got around to listening to it for the first time today...

When it drops, (I last heard sometime in June) I think this will become the LP of the year. The production is hella tight...it's probably some of the most flawless work I've heard behind the boards since that of the mighty Optical.

Interestingly enough where I thought there would be major flavor or variety in the albums sound...it is really quite diverse and yet fluid and and consistant throughout.

I'm already hearing some comparisons to Timeless and New Forms...and in my opinion they're not that far off. Althought it may not go down as the best all time...it is the best I've heard in 2002 thus far.

Anyone else heard the tracks or the mixed CD yet?
What's your opinion?

evil homer

TRIBE Member
I've heard some of the tracks (global love is the only name that comes to mind right now but i think there's more from that knowledge cd). Definitely tight. High Contrast came out like a bullet only a year ago and he's certainly on top of his game.

Not very fond of his Plastic Surgery 3 tune though. Ah well, everything else to date has been sweet.

I've found some the past years artist LPs (calibre, accidental heroes, green man, polar, nookie, stacka skynet) to have some wicked tunes and a lot of filler, lets hope high contrast can deliver the goods this time and not give us 5xLP that should have been 2 bomb singles.


TRIBE Member
i got the mix CD off Audiogalaxy a couple of weeks ago.

Its nice, typical High Contrast style....
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