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that 420 guy

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walked into element last week and as i was taking out the headphones out of my ears, a guy came up to me and asked "ipod?".

it got me thinking. the apple brand owns the color white. it's almost impossible to see a completely white laptop and not think apple. or see an all white computer advertisement and not think "hey, they're trying to be like apple". hell, the ipod is rekognized by the white headphones.

i was at a japanese restaurant one time and i was looking for the soy sauce but couldn't find it on the table. it was on the table, in a small almost tea pot like container, but it was then i realized that i was looking for this:

i was so used to seeing soy sauce in that bottle that i actually expected it to be presented that way. whut? you mean all soy sauce doesn't come in that bottle? :eek:

tabasco sauce? mcilhenny co.

what do other brands own?

- that carlsberg years guy :cool:
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there is the obvious shit like kleenex and trojan,...

Maggi sauce is supreme.

Sony for televisions until someone proves me wrong.

BMW for cars (I dont own one,... yet)
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To me brand=sales tool. I'm heavily turned off by any company that relies too heavily on brand recognition to get their product on the market. I'm more interested in the quality & integrity, which I think in many cases has become second to branding.
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just cuz bombardier sold them, doesn't mean the brands aren't still stuck inside almost everyone's heads tho Dave..