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Hi, I'm New to Jungle. Suggestions Wanted !


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hey...i haven't had a chance to hear a lot of jungle...but i'm always open to new genres and unique sounds. can someone recommend some really great jungle tracks. there is only one jungle track that i listen to often. it's called "high contrast - make it tonight." i love that track. i would like to hear more like it. thanks.


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go to audiogalaxy and download high Contrast's 'True Colours' mix. Lotsa good tunes!

That and anything by Aphrodite;)


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If you liked that High Contrast joint, then grab some stuff from Hospital Records.
Try other stuff by High Contrast, as well as London Elektricity, Landslide, and Danny Byrd.

Also, download some Marcus Intalex & ST Files (MIST), Calibre, Mist.i.cal (MIST + Calibre), Peshay, Un-cut, Influx Datum....


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are there any jungle "anthems" that you could recommend? any specific tracks that everyone goes crazy to when played at a club?


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Originally posted by Rocky
are there any jungle "anthems" that you could recommend? any specific tracks that everyone goes crazy to when played at a club?

And before Ave can get it ummm

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Well i guess i was kinda being sarcastic, but yeah the floors did go kinda nuts for that a couple of years back. Also the orig isn't to bad either.


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Originally posted by Rocky
are there any jungle "anthems" that you could recommend? any specific tracks that everyone goes crazy to when played at a club?

Some top 40 ish:
The nine - Bad Company
Shake it - Shy FX
Spaced Invaders (remix) - J Majik
Ska - Zinc
Body Rock - Andy C + Shimon
Ready or not - Hype
Thunderball - Moving Fusion
Planet Dust - Bad Company
Lighter (any mix) - SS

Hope that helps bruva. ;)
or sista :eek:

evil homer

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check out producers xrs land, patife, and marky and see if that wets your whistle

all samba style DnB....so tinha, lk, sambassim, samba raro, secrets of the floating island, unlimited gold.

Also other high contrast tunes like return of forever, passion, suddenly, global love

if you like that epic sound then check out some john b tunes like get it on, forever, music takes you rmx, and everyone was going off to 'up all night' this time last year which i highly recommend you check out because it is similar to make it tonight in many respects.

also check the people mentioned above because a lot of it is wicked, especially the hospital records stuff

once you are more specific we can narrow down our recommendations
check dj doublecross website [link]www.djdoublecross.com[/link] i think and he has some mixes up that are quite similar
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thanks for all the info ! loading up my audiogalaxy queue right now.

one question...what's the difference between jungle and d'n'b? can someone explain?


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Originally posted by Rocky
one question...what's the difference between jungle and d'n'b? can someone explain?

No one has a straight answer for that, but generally:

jungle - sample-based, raw sounding hardcore breakbeat sound pre-1996, also includes ragga

drum n' bass - more synthesizer based, tech sounding, and the sound has been more prominent from about 1996/97 to the present

Juan Love

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As far as the history goes, download this quick lesson:

LTJ Bukem - Bells
Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag
Andy C - Valley of the Shadows
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction
Shy Fx - The Wolf
Ray Keith - Terrorist
Zinc - Super Sharp Shooter RMX
DJ Rap - Spiritual Aura
Goldie - Innercity Life
Adam F - Music for your mind
Johnny L - Oh Boy
Ed Rush & Optical - Alien Girl
Andy C - Body Rock
2 Bad Mice - Bombscare
Bad Company - The Nine
Trace - Mutant Jazz Remix
Lennie Dee Ice - We are I.E
Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
Prodigy - Charly
Marky - Unlimited Gold/LK
Kosheen - Hide U
Marcus Intallex - Just A Vision RMX
Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu
Faith in Chaos - Posession
Zinc - Casino Royale
Future Cut - Midnight (Marcus Intalex + ST Files Edit)

This should get you up to speed...I'd also strongly suggest picking up a few classic CD's. Goldie's 'Timeless' and 'Saturn Returnz', Roni Size's 'New Forms', Peshay's 'Miles From Home' and Omni Trio's 'The Deepest Cut'. All greats...make sure to put them on your wishlist.

As far as sets on AG that you might dig...
Grooverider at Heiniken Horizons
Calibre @ WMC 2001

And like SSS suggested, do check out the live section on breakbeat.co.uk, some of the best sets from most of the full spectrum of DnB are there for your enjoyment and edification.



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My friend’s timing into Jungle was perfect. He was already into raggae, but he got a quick 411 in a matter of weeks, thanks to my program. :D

Sun ? - Milanos regular local night 5$
Following Sun- Ray Keith @ Milanos after Soundclash III 5$
Sniper and GQ (Supposed to be Mickey and Fearless ~ not the programs fault tho ;) ) @ Living Room 10$
Andy C w/ GQ @ Bittersweet 30$
Brockie, Shabba, Ic3, Riddla after some party @ Milanos 5$
Nicky Blackmarket w. MC Det @ Milanos $5
Goldie @ Living Room - 20$

Not bad talent for $80 and in two months.
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some big anthems you have a good chance of hearing at clubs:

bad company - the 9 (actually most of eib traxx are big anthems)
calibre - mystic
Cause 4 Concern - soul
DJ Marky - LK
future cut - Midnight (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Edit)
High Contrast - return of forever
ram trilogy - reflections
ram trilogy - titan
shy FX - shake it
shimon - hush hush
stakka and skynet - altitude
total science - champion sound
Stakka & Skynet - decoy
slip 'n' slide - let me know
dj zinc - casino royale
Ed Rush & Optical & Fierce - Alien Girl
Hype And Zinc - Disappear
J Majik - Solarize
Kosheen - Hide You
Kosheen - Suicide (Decoder & Substance Mix)
john b - salsa
konflict - messiah
j majik - love is not a game (dillinja mix)
dylan & ink - need you now
john b - up all night
hatiras - spaced invader (j majik remix)


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tonight i am playing upstairs @ the Rivoli - which is across from Steve's Music east of Queen & Spadina

it's a nice place, lots of pool tables, nice vibe - no cover

anyway after 11:00 me and my friend will be playing jungle/D&B all night.

if you are looking for an introduction to jungle, this is a good start.

there is no attitude, the vibe is mature, and the music will be proper

my boy Ryan will be dropping new jazzy soulful D&B that you will deinitely like, but i will be bringing a crate of really classic jungle from back in the day - lots of stuff from 93/94, and all styles of jungle - ragga/r&b jungle remixes, rollers, atmospheric

i avoid playing top-40 anthems, and try to play the more obscure stuff that most people don't hear anymore

so yeah come check it out



terrawrist III

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Originally posted by g0nz0
wut aboot q project - champion sound....that chune moves every1:eek: :eek: :eek:

while it moves you I leave the room wondering what happened to Dj's being more selfish and playing shit that THEY want to play!

sorry for the thought, I just detest that tune

terrawrist III

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if you are new to the intoxicating and abusive sound of drum and bass you should really be listenig to as many mixes as you can...that is really how you aquire a taste for an individula sub-genre of jungle/dn'b.

And you really don't want to stick to the high contrast sound that has been sweeping the scene for the last year or so because you will really be in need of some tearin',nasty,skanky,facefuckin' hard as fuck in your face beats(tech itch,ed rush,digital,ray keith etc.)so go with the follwing mixes:

ray keith;classified mix on CD...decent mix of tunes released on that album...soft/dark/hard/ray keith...cant lose

any dieselboy mix Cd-best fuckin DJ in the world(arguments are coming:D ...great selection of tunes,stylish,yet near perfect mixing,not linear like a lot of mix CDs...tells a story with every mix!

reccomendation:system upgrade and sixth session

through the eyes:DIE-good mix from full cycle dude DJ DIE, what seperates this from other mixes is the track selection, every track is stellar and on cue
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what you gotta check out is
this website has everything you need to find out, tracks, events, even interviews with the sickest of sick dj's and mc's....
you can listen to sample tracks and check it all out.
it is a sweet ass website for ALL junglists, serious shit. :D