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Hey, we have an election too.

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Colm said:
Placing yourself into Peter McKay's riding, the same Peter McKay who will be the next Conservative leader after Harper retires, is just fucking idiotic.

I definetely thought this was a curious move. Was she ever questioned on the matter?


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mariazmess said:
bull shit - people are stupid and obviously need to be forced to do something as opposed to nothing. eventually, people would just stop voting all together and we'd be right back where we started with monarchies or dictatorships.

Mandatory voting addresses the symptom but not the real problem. The real question is why people feel apathetic to begin with.


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It's pretty creepy how they're talking about Dion in the news today with words like "party leaders will soon be flashing their knives in public" and "we have the suitors in waiting, we just need the knife-bearer". Jesus, he's a liberal leader, not Julius Caesar FFS. Anyhow, as I said at the outset, Dion=unelectable. We'll see if parliament works any better with a crippled Liberal leadership and an emboldened NDP and Con.


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Colm said:
May has eroded a lot of the good work Jim Harris did, and all for what? Three hundred thousand more votes and a massive debt. No one, including the NDP, is touching those guys with a ten-foot pole.

What did Jim Harris do? I think most Greens would disagree with this statement... May wasn't going to win any seats... regardless. Jim Harris is despised amongst MOST Greens.
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R4V4G3D_SKU11S said:
I definetely thought this was a curious move. Was she ever questioned on the matter?
The media gave her the gears for it.

In the end it is where she lives and that's why she chose to run there. Not very strategic but then again what resonated with her campaign amongst most Canadians was her earnesty.

wayne kenoff

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she kind of even looks like Sarah Palin:

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Sal De Ban said:
now i can freely say how crazy i think she is
wee! you love me, shush.

akiras said:
Mandatory voting addresses the symptom but not the real problem. The real question is why people feel apathetic to begin with.
agreed. when someone finds an answer to that, wake me.


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OTIS said:
"All of the parties except the Conservatives purchased offset credits to compensate for their carbon footprint. "

found this on the same page, thought it was funny

alan ewert
Carbon offsets are like a fat man paying a skinny man to go on a diet for him.


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Right. But the part quoted left out that tidbit. A criticism based on token measurements was met by token solutions by most parties.
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Jim Harris brought legitimacy (and one of its biggest vote gains) and a lot of cash to the Greens. He may not have sat well with some of the Greens - I think the hardcores feared he was the granola version of Harper - but he sat well enough with enough voters to bring them a measure of previously unheard of success in 2006. May might be earnest, but she is very dumb too; her verbalization of her 'pro-life views' to her very pro-choice base, her hard-nipples for Dion, and her decision to run against one of the most popular Conservative leaders in his own rididng are not the moves of a capable political leader. If we're looking at relative gains, Harris moved the party further down the road than May has, even though she had twice the political capital.

As for the the Shakespearean descriptions of Dion's demise, well, what does anyone expect? The LPC is the most historically successful party and the choice of our media elites. It's a sad thing really that a significant amount of airtime was spent on discussing the LPC stalwarts who survived (Ignatieff, Rae, Goodale and Kennedy), while barely discussing the victories of the CPC or the NDP.

But what about the Bloq? CBC's coverage was decidedly bullish and pro-Duceppe, despite the fact that the BQ actually lost a seat this election (they won 51 in 2006).


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Flashy_McFlash said:
It's a right, not a responsibility.

I don't want every meth-head out there voting for the first person on the ballot whose name is an anagram for 'crackpipe'. Just because you have to vote doesn't mean you're going to educate yourself about it.

I still want to know where the money is coming from to enforce this.

...because meth-heads make up such a large portion of Canada's population.

I get the analogy, but that's the problem when you consider most of the people around you to somehow be more stupid and fucked up than you, when it's all a matter of degree.

And yes, voting is now a right, but I'm talking about making it a responsibility, as I have from the getgo. What's wrong with giving your populace a sense of responsibility? Last I checked, it was a great way to get people to feel empowered, rather than cynical, apathetic and at the root, helpless. And any new policy is going to be a fast foray into uncharted territory. Does it make any more sense to continue wading through the mud?

Last, "the money" will come from the same place that all money for government strategy comes from. And just in the fact that you use the word "enforce" shows that you're most likely viewing this as some would-be draconian measure, rather than something coming from a place of compassion.

P.S.: your mom
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kyfe said:
why? it does seem to work but I don't know if it would be successful in CDA though

mainly because it forces an undecided or uninformed vote, where there would be none otherwise. a bit like awarding a negative 1 score on a multiple choice test when you guess wrong, so to speak.

not to mention it engenders hostility in those who would genuinely like to abstain - i know in australia, when there was an election while i was living there, it was not a subject of much happiness. at best it injects real hostility into the voting process.

on the whole, i think its better that the elected truly do reflect the wishes of the voting massif, rather than the whims (i do mean whims, as in some cases you're getting people just spoiling the ballot, voting for random x just to be done with it) the day of.
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