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Hey Mel!


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Study: Smoking pot damages lungs

Cannabis robs the body of cell-protecting antioxidants

Smoking cannabis is not the harmless recreational activity it may seem because it can cause lung damage, researchers said on Friday.

REGULARLY SMOKING three or four joints a week, even for less than six years, can impair lung function and rob the body of antioxidants that protect cells against damage that can lead to heart disease and cancer.
“Smoking cannabis on a regular basis actually depletes your lung of protective antioxidant substances...and this may have chronic long-term implications for young individuals,” said Dr Sarah Nuttall of the University of Birmingham in central England.
In a small study involving 20 people aged 19 to 30, including non-smokers and those who smoked tobacco and cannabis, Nuttall and her team took blood samples, measured lung function and tested for antioxidant markers. She presented the finding at a meeting of the British Thoracic Society in London.
“We found that smokers, compared to non-smokers, had impaired lung function,” Nuttall said in an interview.
Cannabis smokers also had significantly lower levels of a protective antioxidant and nitric oxide, which is involved in lung function, than non-smokers.
“These findings are important in young individuals in which the use of cannabis is increasing and may have serious long-term implications for what is currently regarded as a relatively harmless recreational habit,” she said.
Dr John Harvey, of the British Thoracic Society, called for more research into the effects of smoking on the lungs.

“It is vital that young people understand the dangers of both cigarette and cannabis smoking since these habits can start having a serious impact on their lungs at an early stage,” he said in a statement.
Some European countries have taken a relaxed approach to cannabis use. Although it is technically illegal in the Netherlands, the drug can be bought and used in cannabis coffee shops in the country.
The Netherlands was also the first nation to make cannabis available as a prescription drug in pharmacies for chronically ill patients.

The Watcher

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Wait... so does this mean doing drugs....even pot,.... is bad for me?!


I never would of thought.

That's it... no more pot. I'm sticking to Crack
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I think there is a serious problem with acceptance of scientific studies today. We've heard stories how the governement used to make claims that weed would make your weiner shrink, and have seen major ecstasy findings completely discredited based on poor science. Why would I believe this guy when there is a history of crap being thrown at us?


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Originally posted by qtip
either way, I hope now you know.

not that I believe everything I read.

well, i think every bit of information is good to read. but studies like this are rarely the final word.

i don't doubt that there will be some effect on my lungs. i notice it when i exercise shortly after smoking weed. but as an ex-smoker, i can tell you that the damage, or physical drawback is a fraction of what it was when i was a smoker. with cigarettes, i felt like i was damaging my body, and counteracting my workout. but with weed, i really don't feel that effect on my body. i feel like i can have just as healthy a body and heart as if i didn't smoke anything.

i can do hard workouts, i can run for extended periods of time, all since i've quit smoking. and i haven't cut back on the weed. maybe it's possible that if i stopped smoking weed, it would be even better. but i have no complaints right now.

anyways, as for our original argument, i still don't think that smoking a joint after the workout is anymore damaging than smoking it at any other time.


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Originally posted by mingster

what was our original argument?

we didnt have one. i just didnt have any studies to prove it, and now I do, but you gotta wonder about the source.

anyways, carry on!
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Vote Quimby

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This study doesn't present it's results very well, or if they did, the media seems to be messing them up.

Based on what I've read, I would question the results.

How did they define non-smoker? And were all the pot smokers, cigarette smokers as well?

This study is useless, just some fear mongering by some anti pot people. A study of 20 people? Means nothing.