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Hey, info on a party in Saskatoon! Really!

Bobby Thrust

TRIBE Member
This probably will seem weird having something in the Saskatoon forum that mentions Saskatoon, but what the hey. This is the info on a party coming up soon as written by DJ Dislexik (wow, that last statement is kind of funny...written by dislexik)
love Brian

flychild inc./Sik Logik Productions/The Fuzz present:
August 18th, 2001
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

DJ Misjah-Techno(ReRun, ex X-Trax, Countdown 2000, Missile, Mankind, ZYNC, www.djmisjah.com)-Holland

The man behind X-Trax(possibly one of the most successful techno labels ever) and his new label Re-Run, as well as being a producer of such bombs as "Access", "Keep Your Love" and countless other tracks is returning to Saskatoon. He has been producing since 1991 and has remixed artists including Josh Wink, Utah Saints, Jon the Dentist and many more. Always playing on three turntables, he uses his records as tools rather than tracks, often layering three together at once!!! Always breaking new ground, this will be a performance that will be talked about for a LONG time.

Adam Starr-Trance(Pioneer, Neotribe) LIVE PERFORMANCE, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Mixer Magazine calls him "The ravers troubadour" and DMA Magazine says he's "The next big trance act in America." Preparing for the release of his second major album and riding the success of chart topping tekkno anthems "Bad Acid Jesus" and "Beautiful Asian", Adam Starr delivers hard pounding beats LIVE! Freshly signed to Pioneer Music, Adam takes position on their roster of elite artists like John Digweed and Jimmy Van M. Look for his new CD Someday in stores everywhere August 28th!
Ask anyone who saw him play here a couple of years ago...he puts on one hell of a performance!!!

Artful Dodger-House(Plant[NYC], Irresistable Force)New York, NY, USA

One of the headliners from last years "Connect" festival returns to tear it up. Expect to hear some funky house, driving house and some pounding tech house. He has played alongside talent such as Carl Cox, DJ Icey, Huda Hudia, Mark Farina and many others and he'll show you why! Oh, and he's supposedly hung like a horse.

Marcus-Jungle(Stickman Records) Toronto, Canada

Stopping off for his first time in Saskatoon for his cross Canada tour, Marcus is rated as one of the top jungle DJ's in Canada by Tribe magazine. Smoothly playing many different styles of Jungle and D'n'B, he is sure to be a crowd favorite.

David Sol-House(SOE Records) Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Another Saskatoon favorite returns to lay down some funky and progressive house. His scratching ain't too shabby either. He will also be promoting his new single...

D-Monic-Breaks(PPM Recordings, 1Groove.com) Toronto, Canada

Round three in Saskatoon for this chap, he played at the PPM 6 year anniversary and was here for the Subterrain tour about a year and a half ago. He can play funky, he can play hard, he WILL make you shake your ass.

Spinal-Jungle(FutureCut/www.ethikal.com) Montreal, Canada

This young man has been making waves out east and is finally breaking out into the west. He too will be promoting his new track while playing some fierce dark tech-step to scare the funfur off of the kiddies.

Ty-Nuskool Breakz(www.trickler.com) Vancouver, Canada

Some of you might remember him from a party a couple of months ago. If you missed it, here is your chance to catch him again, and believe me, you'll want to. Ty drops some of the most pumpin' nu-skool breaks you will ever hear. You may also catch him dropping in some of his own beats LIVE...

Ariel & Roel-Progressive(Feroshus/Mythical) Edmonton, Canada

These guys are two of western Canada's best kept secrets. They are EXTREMELY versatile, playing deep and funky house and breaks, to progressive house and trance, even sometimes into techno/acid. They are also one of the smoothest tag teams you will ever come across, each one complementing the other perfectly.

Jeff Galaxy-Trance/Techno(S4/Galaxy Lounge) Regina, Canada

One of the founders of the Saskatchewan scene and the madman behind the (in)famous Connect festivals, he has been spinning for over 7 years. Again, a man of versatility, he ranges from techno and trance all the way down to downtempo on occasion. A master of the decks and the bottle, he will surely give you a swift kick to the proverbial groin as he brings the house down with some cutting edge music.

Jadybug-Breaks(Incognito) Regina, Canada

He's been mixing for over 4 years and has led Saskatchewan's breaks scene with his blend of funky ass beats and attitude...what more can you say? His scratching and slick mixing will impress, and he's hung like a fruit bat...heh heh heh.

Anyway, that about sums up the lineup, full flyers will be out soon, revealing the venue, ticket prices/where you can get 'em and anything I've left out. Oh, and I should mention, we will be featuring some live performances/special guests throughout the night,as well as a fantastic light and sound setup and some spiffy decorations. Most likely the second room or a seperate area will be licensed too for the booze hounds out there. Any questions? Comments? Is there something you'd like to contribute to the night? email me @ djdislexik@hotmail.com!