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Klubmasta Will

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Short Synopsis - a tale of a futuristic world dominated by ravers.

Longer Synopsis - A prairie boy's libido triggers an apocalypse! DJ Sabu spins Armageddon when his overactive libido leads him into teenage pregnancy. His mythic quest for two thousand boys ends with Happy, a paranoid UFO-ologist to whom aliens promise to appear (as his love child). Spanky is an evil hairdresser trying to foil Sabu's mission at every turn. He is the self-proclaimed "biggest bitch in the world". The action unfolds at a series of raves on old Garbage Hill in a strange place we call Winnipeg.

a good review:

a bad review:

has anyone else seen this movie? it's playing on TMN right now.

this was perhaps the most annoying piece of garbage i have ever seen. it *is* getting some good reviews though so i am wondering what i missed.

(it's a movie about ravers so surely you've all seen it!)
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They sent me a screener last year. I lasted through to the end but it was sticking pins in my eyes.

Klubmasta Will

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alex, didn't you like this guy?


like i said, i thought the movie was a huge waste of time. but other people (i.e. some critics) saw genious in this film.

whenever i fail to see the artistic merit in something that is proclaimed by others to be brilliant, i have to wonder: am i really that obtuse or are they just fucked in the head?
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