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Hey guess what


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Not sure if this is old news but.....
I was walking along young the other day and popped in the PITT to see whats up, and apparantly its under new management, and all singles were on sale for $4.99!!!!!

didnt stick around much, but they still had lots of records there...
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really? maybe I will tolerate that asshole for long enough to go clean the place out.

good riddance though, that guy is a prick!


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oh good ol paul.

ill miss him.

never really had any problems with him over the years at all,we always chatted and he let me be.

i have witnessed first hand his arrogance to customers,i always found it slightly amusing.:)

yeah i was talking to him last week,he's tired of the shit and no one buys records anymore,yadda yadda yadda...

i always felt next to metropolis that it was the worst record store for techno.80% of his shit was hard as nails euro-tech.

even for 4.99 there wasn't anything that deserved to be in my collection.;)
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