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Hey guess what? Cineplex is going to charge you for good seating..


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Why not try cineplex VIP? It has everything you want including overpriced but better selection of food, beer, wine, and you can pee in the empty cup?
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the deduction that dickheads and douchebags can't afford to spend $2-3 more is seriously flawed.

it will have zero effect on how people behave, this is simply cineplex nickel and diming everyone.

On the money.

I won't step a foot back in a Cineplex if this kicks in. It's fleecing pure and simple.

If you typically want to avoid the irritations of douchey people then go see the film a few weeks after it opens and the hype dies off.

I hope this doesn't take effect because I love the Varsity.


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Watch out if Primavera is in the theatre though - he might yell out a spoiler and ruin the impending death of a character like he did in the Game of Thrones thread

And then never apologize or admit the faux-pas

the GOT spoiler was totally stupid and I regret it, I apologize and will never ever do that again.


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Why not try cineplex VIP? It has everything you want including overpriced but better selection of food, beer, wine, and you can pee in the empty cup?

I think bringing beers in the theater would just mean many trips to the mens room.

I just heard about these "VIP" theaters last week. I guess one is going in at Shops at Don Mills. Will have to check this out.

As for the thread subject...I always prefer the isle being a tall guy so this is no problem for me. However, I feel this is a little ridiculous to be charging more to sit in the middle. They already gouge you as it is.

At the end of day, I much prefer a movie at home anyway.
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I go to the theatre quite often. The key to avoiding idiots is not to go on opening weekend. Let the movie percolate for a few weeks and then go.

Oh great, now you guys are making me paranoid about going to Godzilla tonight.
It was ridiculous trying to pick a movie for my sis and I to go see with the free pass from my box of cheerios. First of all twice movies were listed as opening on certain dates but apparently not here in the k/w area. The worst being "Chef" which say's May 9th or something, it even said that on one part of the Cineplex site. But apparently doesn't open until June...at least here. I dunno it was confusing as heck. So then I punch in May 20th as date and they only list one movie, I guess the one that's opening that day? Really, they don't even know their schedule for the following week? So there was no option to choose any movie for next week. Not even Godzilla which opens today but will obviously be playing next Thursday too. Brutal.

How early do ya'll think I should get to the theatre tonight so I don't end up with crappy seats?


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the GOT spoiler was totally stupid and I regret it, I apologize and will never ever do that again.

I will cease my campaign of shame accordingly..;) Just never saw that this registered. I'm updating my Tribe spreadsheet tracker to reflect this.


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My friends and I always brought in tall boy cans and never once had a problem. Needing the washroom usually isn't a problem for most 90 minute movies.

However, one time my friend did try to urinate back into one of the empty tall boy cans and was left with, shall we say, very limited success.



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That's even worse. Don't you just end up having sex by nature at the drive in? So really you've just paid those rapists your money to do something you could have driven to the Bluffs for.
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i would never pay for a premium seat. Total rip off. Way to alienate the last section of people that actually go to the theatre and pay for over prices popcorn and pop. Forget it. One price for all seats, or screw em, back to the free version on my home theatre system.
Jeffery Katzenberg is saying that the next business model will be you will paying by the size of the screen you're watching it on.

His idea would be that the film would play in theatres for 4 weeks (enough time to realistically recoup theatrical screening costs), then you'd be able to watch it either on demand, digital download, DVD, whatever.

You pay $17.99 to see it in a theatre
You pay $8.99 to see it on your home tv
You pay $5.99 to watch it on your tablet/phone

I wasn't sure if I liked it or not, but with what Cineplex is proposing here would mean I'd be waiting an extra four weeks for a release so I can watch it at home.

You're still in the theatre with the fucking idiots - so what if they're a couple of seats away? Anyone ever encounter a quiet idiot in a movie theatre?

Boss Hog

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Man reading shit like this makes me NEVER want to come back to Canada. The housing market, the cost of drinks, fucking cinema tickets.

The more you travel, the more it makes Canada seem completely out of touch with reality. You guys all get fucked every time you open your wallet (Rogers internet, anyone?) and it's become the justifiable status quo just because "that's the way it is."

Over on this side of the pond you pay 6 bucks for the ticket and you get to book your seat ahead of time.


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Ok back from Godzilla. Wow, wait for this.

So it's like I stepped back in time. Apparently Cambridge didn't get the memo that Theatres have revamped and upgraded. First, got there 45 minutes early expecting it to be busy as it was opening night. There were less than 20 people in attendance. The seats were old school (ie uncomfortable), and no surround sound whatsoever.

As we're leaving I said dang I should have packed a drink. My brother in law says you wanna go back. No I'll just get a cup of water. So we roll up to the counter and decide to split a large popcorn - $7.33. I say can I get a cup of water please? The girl say's sorry this is the only cup I can give you and holds up this tiny ass cup that would be about 5 sips worth. So my buddy who is as incredulous as I am questions if that's really the only cup we can get. She say's yeah, the cups are inventoried so they know how many are sold and that she's not giving any away!! wtf lol. Now I know this is whack as I've had no problem in the past getting a decent sized cup before. I still don't know if she was lying or not. So we keep on about it and are humming and hawing about paying another 8 bucks for a drink. So she goes over to the supervisor and asks her. The supervisor says yeah ok give them a cup, "I'll take the hit on it. ! ! Take the hit on what exactly, the cost of the cup? So my buddy is offering to pay for the cup lol. So he buys the shit, and says to me are you gonna get a cup? I'm like oh shit, they making me feel so bad for asking for some water. So I first ask how much a bottle of water is and she says $3.60. So I saddle up and say "Is it possible I can get a cup too?". The girl looks mortified, but goes over to the supervisor and asks again. She again says yes ok give him a cup, just make sure you remind me to take care of that for you later. The supervisor then says "You guys are lucky, you are getting the special treatment here tonight. ! ! We thank her for the free cups of water and proceed to the movie. I am not making this shit up I swear.

So I paid, $14 for one person, and $3 for my "free" pass. I guess that was due to it being in 3D. Which is my next beef. WTF is the point of this 3D shit? There was ZERO 3D in that movie! The only 3D I saw was during the previews and the Warner Bros. symbol right before the movie started. So I have to sit there with glasses on for 2.5 hours for no freaking reason. And paid $6 for the honour.

The movie. What on god's great earth was that rubbish? Good lord my head is still spinning trying to figure out what the hell was going on in that movie. Wow. It was boring, didn't make sense, and was over the top of course action wise. Well when the action started that is, 3/4 of the way into the movie.

I'm done. Movies have jumped the shark. We saw previews for the new Planet of the Apes film, and I think a new Mutant ninja turtles movie, is that for real? The tank has run dry in Hollywood. Certainly nothing worth going to the big screen for anymore. It's like watching re runs.
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