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hey everyone


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Hey everyone,

I am looking for 2 things, btw its finally getting nice outside here in Toronto, the sun has arrived.. ok

1) I am looking for a good hardware controller for Traktor 2 Pro and/or Torq 2, my buget is about 300-400$

2) I am lookign for a controller for aboleton, to make and produce beats

Any suggestions?? Thanks


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Internal or External Mixing?

(if external) Traktork Kontrol X1. Aprox 200 each. Get 2 of them if you want 4 deck control (although it's easy to run four decks off of one X1 with the use of a script and changing it to midi mode from native mode)

(if internal).. hmm to be honest there are a billion and it depends on how many fuctions you want/need to control.

when I started using Traktor I was using a Evolution UC33 like this.

At least with that you can mix internal (within Traktor), have 4 channels, 4 sets of pots and a spare four channels/4 sets of pots to assign to different things like filter control or looping. With only 15 programmable buttons (I know it looks like more but only 15 can be reassigned via midi) you have to get creative with how you will program your transport controls as well as cues, loops, browser control.. took me a while and a loot of guess and check to get it right on so few buttons.. ended up using some pots as switches and dials instead of buttons for some cases)

1 UC33 and a Novation Nocturn (which I already had) were a GREAT combo before the X1's or similar products came out... The Nocturn was a stand alone FX contoller (as it looked exactly like the FX banks on Traktor layout wise)

Anyhow.. After mixing via Midi quite a bit.. and still will in a pinch... I dont think you can beat or come even close to getting equal with the ease and comfort of exteral mixing with the use of contollers for non mixer related fuctions (transport, looping, fx, browser, etc) Which is why the Traktork Kontrol X1's have been PERFECT for me.. I've had mine for over a year now and still think they were an incredible investment.

Oh and.. while I could go on and on and on about the X1's... I will cut it short by at least mentioning 1 important thing it does with Traktor. 2 Way midi communication... so the device sends as well as receives midi information which allows it to light LED's that correspond with what you are doing on your Laptop.... eg... sync'd tunes will flash the Cue LED's along the tempo and the correct BPM. FX LED's will light up as you use the FX Unit in traktor to show you what is on and not on without having to look at the computer at all.





it's a great product... end.
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