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Hey Baby

Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
guys khaki shorts,
black g-string,
white no name socks,
My ripzone shoes,
a leopard print bra,
a tiny wife beater and a brown mesh back cap.

Informative huh.

Eccentric (LRG)

TRIBE Member
its true. It is.
They all love it.. and you do to.

Mrs. Robinson.
Oh that night you were just out to try and suduce me and my damn bra.

p.s what your doing tonight. Wanna go for a pint at the toucan with myself and my friend cory if we go. It'd be after 11 pm.


TRIBE Member
Kenneth Cole Silver dress pants
White DKNY long sleeve shirt
CK underwear
Aldo dress shoes
nameless socks (The humanity!)


TRIBE Member
black and yellow diesel velcro shoes
old replay jeans
khaki green cocoa t shirt
black nike sports socks
grey calvin klein boxer briefs


TRIBE Member
- my 'bad monkey' t-shirt (has a money with a devil'ish look on the front)
- fled pants
- and flip flops

gotta looooooooove casual mondaythroughfridays.


TRIBE Member
Ecko Jeans
Osirus Skate Shoes
Tommy Hilfiger Jockey Shorts
Electric Co. Royal Blue T-Shirt
No Name Socks
Custom Made Black Ball Cap (worn to the side)
Nixon "Manual" Watch

I love work at 4pm....it's great.