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hey all you breaks gurus...name that tune!

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by Ms. Fit, Jan 21, 2002.

  1. Ms. Fit

    Ms. Fit TRIBE Member

    can you help me name this track and who it's by?

    "...i wanna dance with you baby..." repeat 234x.

    thanks [​IMG]
  2. Eclectic

    Eclectic TRIBE Member


    Ok, now that that's out of the way.....

    What kind of beat we talking about here? Funky? Nu Skool? Tech-y? Electro?

    Little more info would help.
  3. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    i believe it's produced by Wicked Leroy and it's called i wanna dance wit u baby.

    it's on Czech's Cock cd. i'll double chech when i get home form work.

    if it's the same tune, it goes: i wanna dance wit u baba, you're movin' drives my crazay. (repeat 23x)

  4. kick

    kick TRIBE Member

    "dance wif me baby" wicked leroy
  5. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    I could be brutally wrong here, but is it not "Wicked Lestor"?
  6. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    You are correct sir...

    Cool Canadian talent. Check out their upcoming house release on Jalepeno.
  7. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    Wicked Lestor - Czech and ??? who else?
    I cant remember.

  8. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

  9. Willar X

    Willar X TRIBE Member

    fackin' trainspotters [​IMG]
  10. Ms. Fit

    Ms. Fit TRIBE Member

    thanks to the people who REALLY know their breaks who were able to answer right away with no problem [​IMG]
  11. Big League Chu

    Big League Chu TRIBE Member

    Wicked Lestor is actually DJ Spun-K from Vancouver.
  12. funkNstyle

    funkNstyle TRIBE Member

    I thought it was Czech and Spun-K?

  13. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    i'm staring at the czech cd right now, track seven, Dance wif me baby, by wicked Leroy, unless he changed his name to wicked lestor. i think wicked leroy sounds alt cooler than wicked lestor. [​IMG]

  14. Robb G

    Robb G TRIBE Promoter

    There is either a mistake on the "Cock" CD's, a mistake on all of our 12" copies (mine is stamped "Wicked Lestor") or he changed his name at some point.

  15. redeyes

    redeyes TRIBE Member

    thing that make u go hmmmmmmmm, either way, wikked track.

  16. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Mostly Spun-K with influence and input from Czech.

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