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Hernan's Renaissance Cd

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

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it was supposed to be released yesterday in north america...

i pre-ordered it last week and it still hasnt even been shipped yet


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CD 1

1. ‘Ayahuaska (Reprise) - Darko & Gainer
2. ‘In The Air’ - Richard Davies
3. ‘Time To Kill’ - Pams Magic Tractor (DJ Harvey Remix)
4.‘Homa’ – Casa Flava
5. ‘Scarpia’ - Alexander Kowalski
6. ‘Honey’ - Bill Makris
7. ‘Lost In Power’ (Dub) – Rolasoul
8. ‘Dreams’ - Bill Makris
9. ‘Symbiosis’ (Herbal Dub)- Matthew Dekay & Alvredo
10. ‘Slo’ Roast’ - Jay Tripwire & Grant Dell
11. ‘Cultural Assertion’ – Tiger Corps present Randall Jones
12. ‘Bubblebath’ (16b Remix) - Agent 001
13. ‘Aenema’ - The PQM Project

CD 2

1. ‘Closer To Me’ – Chab featuring JD Davis
2 ‘Oakish’ – Wink c/w ‘Fouk’ - T-Empo (Acapella)
3. ‘Underground Night Music’ (Dub) – Amillionsons presents 21st Century Planet Smashers
4. ‘Behind The Music’ - Hernan Cattaneo & Dean Coleman
5. ‘All I Know’ (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix) - Morgan Page & Gregory Shiff featuring Astrid Suryato
6. ‘Hazy Way’ - Alex Dolby
7. ‘The Sheppard’ – Luke Chable presents Quest
8. ‘Open Day’ (Original Mix) - Steve May
9. ‘Phono Corono’ - Danny Howells & Stef Vrolijk
10. ‘Central’ - Grand Resonant
11. ‘Age of Love’ (Wrecked Angle Remix) - Age of Love

Hes playing @ GUV next Saturday too!
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I'm liking that tracklisting :)

Probably won't be in for a couple of weeks. Lots of comps have been delayed for some reason or another.

Sandra Collins - Pefecto - supposed to be now Feb 3rd
Flash Brothers - Fear of a Silver Planet - supposed to be Feb 10th

The GU for James Lavelle is showing the first week of March, but I wouldn't count on it.
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Hernan will be playing at The Guvernment this Saturday. If anyone is looking for guestlist, PM me.


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Originally posted by sweetdaddy
Is hernan a good time, or all downtempo like DEEP DISH?


Hernan cattaneo IMO is a wicked party dj!

trust me on this one.... please.

IMO this is the way he plays:

Good upfront party tunes with a slick slick style...

His set at System soundbar totally set the tone for the summer last year. Wicked wicked upfront, sick sick set.

sorry..but just thinking about it makes me want to hear him again.

a very good party dj.


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nice mix

track that makes it for me is...

#3 disc 2

listed above as
"underground night music"
comes in full effect around 14:50 to 15:00 minute mark
pure ate am madness!




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2nd that

Very cool mix for sure. Bill Makris - Dreams is just that. In proper Renaissance fashion, the selections are fresh and mixed so smooth. Bubble bath may be a little out of place but that's only one minor blemish in over 2.5 hrs of really, really sweat beats. Should be a good night at the Guvy.

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