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Hernan Cattaneo @ The Guv

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Just got back from my first ever completely sober partying experience, and ill just start by saying it was one of my best nights ive had in a long time.

Hernan completely blew me away. Even more than what he did @ System last July, and i almost thought that was impossible. The Guv was jumpin tonight, people everywhere just enjoying the beats to the fullest. Of course you had to deal with the odd sketchy wanderer, but nothing a couple of flying elbows couldnt fix. Ive never danced so hard in my life, and it was all thanks to 3 Hype energy drinks....im tellin ya, its a little sweet....but holy shit did they have me movin all night, and i dont have to worry about the sketchy day after effects of my normal routine. I cant really remember a lot of tracks that Hernan played, but he really delivered all of the tunes i craved to hear all night long. Every thing from the funky tribal, to the deep penetrating baselines, he had me moving right until the last track he dropped (Closer To Me - Chab). I knew he would finish the last segment of his set with some floor friendly breaks, it was just what i needed to give my legs the last jolt of energy for the night. For those of you who skipped out on this one, you really need to give your heads a shake. I really cant ever remember having such a good time at a Spin Saturday event at the Guv EVER.
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I apologize to the one dude i elbowed right in the gut, and the chick i elbowed in the tit, and the little midget guy i elbowed in the head......lots of elbows being thrown tonight.


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I must preface this by saying that I'm not a fan of the Guv crowd-wise or security-wise. However, going in knowing what to expect, that was my choice.

Last night happened to be my birthday, and I decided to check out Hernan with my little sister and her boyfriend. My sister had never been to the Guv, so I wasn't sure what she would think of the crowd since I taught her well. Needless to say, she didn't enjoy them much. Haha.

That said, I wasn't there for teh crowd. I was there to celebrate my getting a year older and living to tell about it, AND for Hernan. Hernan was fantastic. He wasn't as good as he was last time I saw him at Guv (I missed him at my preferable location, System), but he was good nonetheless. Really dark, techy and not a tune I recognized. That was due to large in part that I haven't been out since July and haven't really been keeping on top of the music.

Anyway, despite the usual Guv crowd and security situation, I had a great time. :)