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Hernan Cattaneo - Live @ Brahma Moonpark

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Special K

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im digging it

not as much as some of his others set I have but still pretty cool...

also cant wait to see him again in a few weeks

he killed system/guv last year!


wonder what his new renaissance cd is like...


Special K

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it sounds like he's trying to ease people out of the party mode...i wonder what the environment was like during that last hour, i'm thinking it was a sunrise session...

im also loving the first part, I like how he builds the set up and the second part is very cool too...

Hernan ROCKS!!!
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I love part two and three so deep and chuggy. I have been listening to it at work all week.

He was n't trying to ease people out of the party mood this was the warm up set for Digweed.
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I really dislike the station identification

"blah blah blah punto umos resident Hernan Cattaneo Blah blah"

gets on my nerves