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Heretics of Dune


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i am thinking about reading this book but...... i really didint like God emperor of dune i thought it was a bit drawn out and skipped several chapters because i got bored and i read academic journals for fun. So that should be indicitive of how boring some of it was.
Point being how is heretics of Dune?

Or anyone else read the new books about house atredies and house harkonenen by frank herberts son



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Originally posted by Muad'ib
that is what i kinda thought to be honest. Everything after children of dune sucks even children of dune was a bit blassizez in my opinion

oh well what about the books on house atredies
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...and the original computer game wasn't too shabby either. I wonder why this is the only pic I can find on the net:

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i didnt know it was frank herberts son writing them...though i probably sould have figured...that explains a lot...the original was the only really good one (i think)


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Originally posted by silver1
On an unrelated note, DarK Tower V : The Wolves of Calla kicked ass.
I liked it better the first time around when it was called Seven Samurai.


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You guys are being too hard I think.

The second book is worth reading otherwise you assume that Paul is the man, when really, he's just the beginning.

I liked Children of Dune a lot actually.

I understand your frustration with God Emperor of Dune, it is very long and preachy.

The end is great, although you could probably cut the book down to 50 - 75 pages.

I am also debating reading the next few books.
I have the house Atreides book, but havn't cracked it yet.
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