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here's whats happening regarding basketball tonight.


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get your bets down quick:

raps are gonna blow away the cavs at home-- desperation time... pick them to cover.

indiana is gonna come out hot.... pick them to cover the first half spread.

about the third quarter, indiana's gonna find out that the raps have won and so they'll be out of the playoffs from that point on... they'll play like ass for the rest of the game... they won't cover their spread for the game.

money in the bank.
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Originally posted by JayIsBored
what's a frank rosenthal?

some clown you have to pay alot of $$$$bling$$$ to for sports picks. mine are better and they're free (for now).

raps d is taking over. childs is running the show. mo-pete's gotta come back in the game though. olujawan's jumped twice already tonight.... that's a season high.


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PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Raps vs. Pistons starting this weekend!

Now for a 3/3 night i just need my boy Eric Snow to step up and cut the Pacers lead to 9....