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here's a little site i finally put up. :)

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Originally posted by oddmyth
Jeez Gerald, DJ much? :D I'll have to come check you out again sometime soon.


It's never enough - especially to fill my ADD aided appetite for variety! :D


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Guess what...

The site has found a new home - Thank's to Isoprax for providing a bit of space!


the good thing is i'm now able to post a mix for your listening pleasure - check it out (download the mp3) on the mix page!

Here's the tracklist

Artist – Title (Label)

? – Drumkomputer pt. 2 (It Is What It Is)
Jeff Mills – 009C A1 (Axis)
M.I.A. – Gone But Not Forgotten (UR)
Reese – Funky Funk Funk (Network)
Bandulu – Ishmaelite (Foundation Soundworks)
G-Man – Zeno (i220)
Claude Young – Chance 2 (Djax)
Section 2 – Easy Over (Dark House Music)
Jay Denham – Attack (Disko B)
Box Blaze & Deetron – Roll On, Jack! (Speaker Attack)
Mark Broom & Ployflex – Beattrip (Speaker Attack)
The Martian – The Voice Of Grandmother (Red Planet)
System 7 – Altitude [Mayday Mix] (A-Wave)
Bandulu – Runnings [Part 6] (Foundation Soundworks)
Rob Hood – Red Passion 1 (Duet)
SoundHack – SoundHack 2 (Hardwax) x 2
Sound Of K – Silvery Sounds [Technasia Soft Mix] (F Comm)
M5 – Celestial Highways (Metroplex)
Pole – Slow Motion [Accapella] (Mute)

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that tracklisting looks excellent. are those old tunes by Bandulu and System 7? Neither of those artists still produce stuff, do they? I'm looking forward to hearing this.
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yep, they are still around..

the latest sys 7 (2002)..
System 7 & Derrick May / Mysterious Traveler Sampler / A Wave

and bandulu did 4 releases in 02 on music man..


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I have one each of their tunes on a comp i bought about 10 yrs ago called "Trance Europe Express". I'd like to hear what they've been up to, cuz I thought those names were long gone

<edit> it's certainly nice to see them show up in a dj mix tracklisting </edit>