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Hercule Poirot's fabulous Art Deco world


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OK, I am on season 13 of Hercule Poirot. Why? Well I used to read Agatha Christie novels when I was a kid living in Central Africa because that is all our little library of English language books happened to have besides Arthur Ransome books.

Anyway, I always avoided watching it on A&E when I heard the crappy theme music and changed the channel, but I started watching it recently and while the plot trajectories are predictable after a while, I love the sets, the costuming and the vibe. I am a huge fan of the Art Deco period and whoever scouted some of those locations found some amazing buildings. The interior design is also really good and they nail every little detail. Architectural and interior photography is hard to do well, and the photography (cinematography) in Poirot is awesome.

David Suchet is really good as Poirot. It is not often an actor gets to play the same part for 20 years so he has experience at it I guess.

Anyway, that is my story.

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