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Im still in search for my dream filter:(

Does anyone use Intakt? If so, where can i find a filter similar to the master filter on this puppy. Because this filter is insaneee!!This would be my fav filter if it was a VST plug-in.

If anyone has used intakt and knows where i can find a similar filter (to the master filter in intakt) please post a name/sourse/link or whatever at your earliest convience:D

Thank you in advance
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i worded that wrong............but in order to use that filter in intakt, you would have to send a sample through it, right? Unless im missing something here, if so tell me.

i want to use a similar filter on a different instrument.


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I've never tried that. See what happens when you run the out of one channel into the Intakt's In Channel.

..but I don't think you'll have any luck