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What's the best way to describe what it means to see the term "versus" attached to a track?

I have plenty of set's that say "This DJ vs. That DJ", but it's not like these DJ's are going head to head againt each other.

Example: Run DMC vs. Jason Nevins "It's Like That"

in simple language...




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vs. = 'remixed by'

Actually, it is apparently kind of an honor, because an artist often gets songs remixed by someone, but rarely adds the VS mix.

i.e. you might see 'Madonna - Song (so and so's under the covers remix) but when that gets played on the radio, etc, it usually is just 'madonna - song' when announced/listed on the weeb etc.

Alternatively, if an artist really likes a remix, they will say its 'Madonna vs. Remixer - song' and then the remixer gets their name everywhere.

That is why jason nevins, who remixes lots of stuff, is so well known now.

that's what I've heard anywhoo.


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it differs. whereas on some hip hop tracks it just means both rappers are rapping on it, on white label bootlegs it can mean that some dude just played both songs on top of each other...

i guess it means that both artists collaborated on the song in some form which is not specified.
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