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Ok, I'm going out on a lunch date with this gir....um, woman tomorrow, and I need to know some good restaurants in the West Mississauga/Oakville area.....

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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if you can go as far as downtown burlington, i would definitely say the rude native bistro that's down by the lake...

...trying to recall oakville places....

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Originally posted by MC Bias

damn you!!!

Bias<----is crushin' and needs to impress.

Ah very sweet.
Just show her this thread (or casually leave it up on your computer screen for her ot see if she comes over) and she will so be yours. just the fact that you're putting this much stress on yourself over this shows somthing. ;)

Then again I'm male and most girls bush off what I consider "sweet" as stupid so then again.... but yeah, I'd put in a good word for you if it was up to me to do that.
Good luck.