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drum n bass

every tuesday at the lotus...sick uk guests (ss, john b etc)
lime special events at sonar
ph1.ca special events at sonar
saturdays at tribeca lounge

although http://www.ph1.ca throws the best events right now

sandra collins
and lotsa lotsa techno :) all summer long

and the for house, tribal west coast stuff....
www.deepen.cc @ the lotus sound lounge

www.clubvibes.com has decent listings


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if your heading to Victoria.
Jungle is pretty spiratic in this city. there used to be a thursday night weekly @hush but I'm not sure if thats still on or not.
tuesdays at lucky there's breaks If scotty's still running that night.
tuesdays @ sweetwaters some breaks usually.
best thing to do is talk to the guys in whitebird( on yates beside the odeon) they will send you in the right direction.


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thanx everyone for all the information if anything else comes up that you can think of let me know I will be out there in a few weeks I plan on leaving Ontario on the 17th of may so i will lookin for the heads out there when I get there. Thank god for tribe and all the friendly people
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no worries man. its all good.
summers always a blast in Vic. tonnes of DJ's coming through, people are in high spirits and its sunny damn near every day.