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help with soundforge


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OK heres the deal. I just spun a mix of my favorite 30 tracks of the year in soundforge. how do i make marks to show where one track starts and the next begins without saving 30 files?

If anyone has a place to store it I have it stored in wav or realplayer format. If you tell me how Ill upload it.
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i dunno how to do that and i dun really trust it for sum reason. But if you save your 30 tracks.. Start backwards, at the end of the set. You'll be done within 20 25mins max. Depending on how quick you are.



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Hey ,
I think you need to create a cue file, think thats what Spinsah meant by using Nero. I can host your set if you like ... although im changing ISPs either this week or next (getting 3mb again woo hoo futreway sucks ballz) so the server might be down for a few days, so if you cant find a better solution for right now PM me and ill hook ya up.

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In nero..............drag your set into the burning area ..Mine is always called Audio 1. Once its in there right click on the file and go to Properties. Once in there go to "indexes, Limits, splits" tab. And i believe you do the whole seperate track shit from there. Never done it but i believe thats one way.

Hope this helps

And in Soundforge, above your sound file is a time ruler...........right click on that and then click "insert marker region".then you enter the times of each track.............i believe this is how but again i have never done it.:D

And again i hope this helps;)