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Help with a digital camera [driver]


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Hi. I plugged in my canon eos rebel DSLR camera into the vista powered laptop and it told me to download the driver. Did that, and yet I still can't see the camera under My Computer, or anywhere else. Any ideas?


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Lets get the obligatory answers out of the way:

2. Buy a Mac
3. Get XP.

So you downloaded and installed the driver from Canon. Did you unplug and replug the camera back in? (if this sounds stupid bear with me, I always start from the easiest to hardest things because I hate missing the easy stuff).


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Rajio said:
turn it on

This is what I would suggest if you haven't done so. The computer won't recognize what kind of a device it is or have access to the files without it being on. When its on, it should allow you to view or select and download images to a file quite easily, without Canon's drivers.


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I've had several issues with Vista and usb devices. They'll work perfectly on my xp desktop, but I can't say the same with my laptop. Best advice is go to the manufacturers website, and download the correct drivers there. Sometimes helps to connect, and re-connect a few times before it "takes".
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Turned it on, asked me to DL driver.

downloaded driver.

Restarted everything, plugged usb into camera into vista laptop.

Turned everything on again.

Now the driver is there but it's going through the same cycle "please download driver"

(Oh yah I downloaded and installed the driver)


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i havve the same camera. didnt need any drivers on vista.
no idea what the issue is then.

try a dfferent USB port?
sure you got the right drivers?
is the CF card okay?
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Check your communication settings in tools menu, set it to PTP.

oh and unplug all other USB devices then make sure it's plugged into a main USB port and not one on a hub as that can cause problems.


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the vista bashing is pointless.

vista: shitty
mac: overpriced

I have vista on my work laptop and have not had to download a single driver to get images of ANY canon or nikon dslr. I dont know why it dosnt just offer to import the images when you plug the camera in.
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