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HELP!! WIN2000 won't load...


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I was in the midst of doing some work on my papers for school when the contractor decided to switch off the main electrical box. I get this error when trying to boot up now...

stop 0000218(registry file failure)the registry cannot
load the hive file system\root\system32\config\software
or its log or alternate is corrupt, absent, or not

I get the Windows 2000 professional prompt, and just as it finishes loading, the error pops up.

My main poblem is I have no idea how to access any of the util, aside from F8. None of those options can get by the error, and it prompts me to skip a d346bus.sys file, which I think is the installed daemon tools. I skip it and it still doesn't load.

I googled and hit up some tech forums, but no-one is explaining how I can access some kind of prompt to getr my WIN2000 cd to load up so I can try to do a repair install

Any help is appreciated, especially how to get my WIN2000 cd to load, as it doesn't, and I have no idea how to get it to load.




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Check your BIOS, make sure it's looking to your CD drive on boot... with the OS disc in, and with the BIOS checking the driver before the HDD, it should get into the Blue startup screen, allowing for repair.