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Help! Trying to remember a song...


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Okay, I remember is that MAYBE it was a country song...

And I think it was sung by a woman...

And basically she was saying "if you cheat on me, don't tell me about it 'cause I don't wanna know"...

I THINK "i don't wanna know" was part of the lyrics, but i've googled my butt off, and i'm not gettin' anywhere.

Yeah, I know TRIBE ain't the best place to find a country song, but I thought I'd give it a try ;)
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Shit. I used to use this lyric search and I totally lost it.

But try googling lyric search engines.

DJ Doublecross

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Anyone remember that episode of Married With Children where Al is trying to remember a song but all he can sing from it is "Hmm Hmm Hmmmm"?
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