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Help TRIP! Celebrate our 15th Anniversary

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by TRIP, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. TRIP

    TRIP TRIBE Member

    The TRIP! Project was born in 1995 out of a need for appropriate drug and sex information within the Toronto rave scene. The act of partying often meant using drugs, and for some, being promiscuous. These activities, on their own as well as together, had the potential to put people at risk for drug dependencies, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and more. That's where TRIP came in. A recruitment process began with a community picnic, organized by Kim Stanford, at the time an HIV Educator working for Toronto Public Health. From there came the volunteers from within the community, who contributed their time, energy and creativity into making TRIP! a unique and innovative drug and sex education project.

    Years later the project is still alive and kicking! Help us celebrate our 15th Anniversary by contributing to a grassroots community photobook documenting Toronto party culture. This crowd sourced photobook will be a community historical document in order to celebrate 15 years of party culture. Photos of the TRIP! booth are encouraged, but all photos are welcome. From old school parties at the Better Living Centre to Om Festival, we want to see your photos of Toronto's party scene throught the ages. Send us your photos in the bottom of your shoe box, your scanned rave fliers, pictures from Connected, Destiny, Hullabaloo, Empire, Liquid Adrenalin, Citrus and much more. We want to represent from the old school to the new school, so any photos are good photos. Be sure to include information on who took the photo, where it was and the year to help us make our community time capsule. Send us your photos today by emailing lisa@tripproject.ca !

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