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Help: Selling my car.


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Hey Tribe,

I'm selling my car this week and I'm kind of uncertain on what to do regarding the buyer. I met with him, he saw the car, and he wants it and has left me a cash deposit and will come pay the rest on Thursday evening and take ownership.

I was warned not to just sign over my ownership but to actually go with him to the MTO to complete a transfer of ownership before letting the car go. However, the buyer told me he wants to put the car on a train and send it out to BC where he could flip it for more money, so he doesn't want to register the car in Ontario.

Some have told me that I would be liable for any accidents, or crimes done with my car between handing him the keys and when it gets registered wherever it ends up, even if I have signed over the ownership and have a signed contract/bill of sale. Others have told me that I wouldn't, and that it is not a big deal.

The ministry website doesn't give me enough information about this, and calling them is an endless loop of machine messages with no relevant information. Does anybody have any experience in this and can help?

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I'd chime in but Alberta procedures are a lot diff than Ontario procedures, I would imagine. In Alberta, we just have to draft and sign a bill of sale which could be written on a cocktail napkin provided it has the minimum info (vin, etc)

Do you guys have registries there? That's where I call whenever I have similar questions.

Or call your insurance agency. Maybe they have a local branch that could help out.


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Just cause I was bored:

Buying and Selling a Used Vehicle in Ontario

Found a buyer?

Finalize the sale in four steps (- printable checklist in PDF or MS Word)
1.Record your name, signature, name of buyer, date and purchase price on the "Bill of Sale" in the Used Vehicle Information Package.
2.Complete and sign the Application for Transfer. The Application for Transfer is on the back of the "vehicle portion" of the registration permit.
3.Give the Used Vehicle Information Package and the "vehicle portion" of the registration permit to the buyer.
4.Keep your licence plates and the "plate portion" of the vehicle registration permit. You will need the permit if you decide to register your licence plates on another vehicle.
5.You may choose to notify the ministry that the vehicle has been sold.