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Help removing autodialer!! PLEASE!


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I seem to have inadvertantly downloaded an autodialer that is trying to call italy. It keeps reinstalling itslf on my system. It is called eros-1.exe

Can anyone help me get rid of this thing??? I have tried trend micro's online virus check, and it finds nothing. Adaware 6.0 does not find anything, and spy sweeper finds nothing... Everytime I erase it, it makes a new connection in my network connections and calls it accesso. Did google search on "eros-1.exe" and can't find anything...

I am afraid this thing is going to cost me $$ calling italy without my knowledge!!!

If anyone can help please help!! Running win98 second edition.

Glad not so glad.....
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Found this on a newsgroup....take it with a grain of salt though.

Just figured out what to do. Find all files on your computer hd with the
date 5-6-1998 (that's the fifth of June in Europe) You will see that there
are a lot of files with the Eros.exe logo. Delete them all. Now search for
the file named windfind.exe it should be of the same date. Delete it also.
Now remove the key eros.exe and maybe sesso.exe from your registry.