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Help re DSNs in MS Access 2007


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I don't have too much exposure to Access, but I've been bestowed the pleasure of figuring out how to (and I'm not sure if I'm asking this properly or not) change the DSN of an existing 2007 MS Access file. Essentially, I need the file to point from one SQL Server database (SQL Server 2000) to another (SQL Server 2008), if that's relevant.

The accdb file consists of a bunch of queries (several dozen) and when I click on the "Linked Table Manager" button, I can see that the DSN and database are pointing to the SQL Server 2000 database.

In Access 2000, I'm accustomed to changing the DSN that the mdb file points to via the "ODBC database" menu item. However, sometimes that "ODBC Database" menu item allows me to link to an ODBC and sometimes it only gives me the option to "export selected object to an ODBC database" which isn't what I want.

Does anybody have a sniff as to what I'm asking? Is this something that's achievable in the accdb file or do I have to change a setting in MS Visual Basic editor or something?

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