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Help: Old Acid Break Track


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I don't really listen to breaks,but I was at this dude Ahmids apartment one time and he had a bunch of Chus records,he played this acidy one that I think was called...


can you help me?

Robb G

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It's by Simon Two Crates....can't remember the title or label but I'll check it when I get home and let you know.

Great Tune!

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the funny part is trying to find it.

....And thats coming from me.
I've only come across it three times since, hrmmmmm 1999 or so? Not including Ebay sales.

Big League Chu

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I traded a copy to Stretch about 4 months ago. I got another one but I'm not parting with it. I believe its the same Simon that did the martin Luther track"I have a dream"
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Yeah Chu I remember Amit having alot of your tracks available to steal,coulda made some $$$ there;)