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HELP NEEDED>retarded question inside


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hello to all tribers. I'm in a delema...
I have to get a term paper done before I go see aphrodite in a few hours but I am stuck on one little part....
my paper is on the misuse of religion....
I need the names of 2 televangelists...
I'm looking for that guy who pushes people on their heads and teh guy from the hour of power.
any help would be much appreciated...
names are all I need. thank you..


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thank alot jen .
I loose most of my mental capasity when I'm stressed out writing papers that are due tomorrow.
Much appreciated.


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I'm sure your paper would be much better if you weren't rushing out to see Aphrodite...;)

Eh, just kidding...glad to be of help. Hey, I'm unemployed! Maybe I should work for one of those "expert" sites.

And yes, Benny Hill is a scary guy...when he chases around those young nurses...<shudder>


(watching Mad-TV)
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