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Help: Moving from Korea to Japan anyone done it: re visas for teaching


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So in 6 weeks i will be able to finally leave pusan and go back to japan. I will have more than enough money to sustain myself for 3 months and hopefully i can get something sorted. But i wonder if any other english teachers have done this before. From my understanding it is not easy getting a visa while you are in japan. I have been looking at a variety of options and several including just going there and applying tonnes at different companies and hoping something will pan out. But i am also apprehensive about going there and wasting tonnes of money on living expenses only to have it all be for naught. From my understanding the big schools only hire from your home nations so it means i might have to go back for the summer and apply from toronto. Which will be fun at least.

I want to know if anyone else here has managed to get a visa from outside thier home nation for japan? I might even consider going to australia to get this sorted it that is what it is going to take.

Although I would rather save the money and go directly from korea to japan and not have to go through that.
can you even just go and buy your own visa or something? I doubt the last one but i do know that the tourist visa will sort you out for 3 months or so.
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PS Bye bye korea you were like taking a really bad test drive of a vauxhall after driving around a BMW for 6 months. As soon as you are back in the dealership i will do a dance for several months.

swilly san


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Swilly, from what I recall about visas you might want to contact the Japanese embassy in Korea because they may be able to process it while you are there. I had to fly to Japan to get my Korean Visa.

Worst case:


is a good place to ask people
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Not sure if this fits for your situation, but Canada has a recipricol agreement with about 13 different countries regarding working holiday visa's. Japan is one of them, and basically, you can stay in the country for 12 months working a maximum of 3 months in any particular job.

Its more designed for an extended vacation, and you have to be under 30 (may be <26 for Japan) and have no dependents to apply. You also need evidence you can support yourself (ie some cash in the bank) or have enough for a return flight.

But the good news is that it only takes a couple of days to process the visa and could tide you over and is much easier to get than a full workign visa.

PS Australia has the same deal if you were going there


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Nova is so desperate for teachers now that they are bending their policy of only hiring from abroad. ie. you can find them posting stuff on gaijinpot.

If you are willing to go to a more rural area, chances that you can get a staffing company to sponsor your visa even if you are in korea... they generally don't do this though because english teachers tend to be strikingly unreliable people.

However, with the phasing out of JET across the country, more and more decent/easy-peasy teaching jobs are available in more and more places. So, I would check gaijin pot for any of the ALT jobs, every week or so, then email the various private companies that now organize those positions. Usually they are so hard up to fill the 'difficult' positions that they'll sponsor your visa even though you are in korea.. It'll be your foot back in the door.

Also, next time, be sure to pick up a $30 reentry permit, in which case your old working visa would have remained valid.