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help me you music lovers!


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hey everybody! im looking for some classical guitar stuff to download, spanish kind of stuff. the problem is, i dont know what to download! can you guys recommend any song names or artists?? i love the guitar...

thanks in advance!



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What a great thread I've been looking for some of this stuff. I expect the soundtrack from Desperado has some, anyone help?


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generally they are stellar spanish composers, specifically for the guitar.
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definitely check out the fantasia suite by al di meloa, john mclaughin and ottmar liebert.
anything else by steve vai, ottmar liebert, john mclaughlin is good to. see if you can find any ry cooder stuff as well

Boss Hog

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These are some of the best classical guitarists out there today. I would download everything they have if I were you.

This guy is awesome. While his singing is not so hot, if you can get his guitar solo albums, holy fuck.

Enrique Iglesias

These next guys might be kids, but fuck can they lick a six string. Prodigies. All of them.


Now this guy, enough can't be said about this guy. At the age of three doctors said he'd never be able to use his hands, as he had contracted a strange case of jungle fungus while chasing some iguanas for his families lunch. But he overcame the odds only as someone used to struggling can, and he learned to play the guitar as a master. Senors et Senoritas, I give you,


Thank me later.
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a few wicked guitar trax:

Joe Satriani - Summer Song

Eric Johnson - Cliffs of Dover

(not of the spanish type though)
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Ottmar Liebert - plays beautiful classical guitar with a latin flair - the album I'm thinking of is called Luna Negra I think... but everything I've herad of his is exceptional! No idea on where to download from though...