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help: intern/volunteer in Radio or Television

Discussion in 'TRIBE Main Forum' started by flawless_sound, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    I'm applying to radio and television programs at various colleges and uni's this year but here is my problem: they all want students who already have experience in the above mentioned fields. I have allready emailed tons of radio stations but it is literally impossible to access this industry without connections. Can anyone here help me out? Do you know someone who works at a radio station or television station who needs a volunteer or intern?
  2. HotSauce

    HotSauce TRIBE Member

    Public Access stations, community(read: college/uni) radio stations.

    Pirate Radio is the way to proceed here.

    "Guess who? It's 10 o'clock, do you care where your parents are? "
  3. Old Stradlater

    Old Stradlater TRIBE Member

    haha well I could find anything so I had to do the last minute thing and resort to Rogers Television. It's actually not that bad, you probably get just as much or more experience as you would anywhere else. What school are you going to?
  4. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    I just applied to rogers television...how long did it take them to get back to you?
  5. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    I'm applying to the radio and television program at Ryerson and it says on their website that you have to have work experience on your resume
  6. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    and obviously i meant that it has to be television or radio work
  7. Old Stradlater

    Old Stradlater TRIBE Member

    You know what it wasn't that bad. I kept hearing it would take a really long time. If you're applying to the Toronto Rogers, the volunteer co-ordinator is kinda slow, so I would definitely send him a follow up email in a day or two if you haven't heard anything. I ended up getting an interview a week after I submitted my application, so it was quick.

    Just saw the Ryerson thing now though - good luck...There are a lot of volunteers who have tried to get in that program a number of times. If you don't get in to Ryerson, Think about Humber or Fanshawe for radio/television. Stay away from Seneca!
  8. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    and what did they make you do there? did you get to choose what kinda work you did or did they just tell you what to do?
  9. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    what's wrong with Seneca?
  10. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

    yeah exactly.
  11. Old Stradlater

    Old Stradlater TRIBE Member

    I went to Seneca.

    I am currently still volunteering at Rogers for free :) Not a high rate of employment out of that place and the program is very poorly run. My final semester main studio class was taughtby a supply teacher who had never worked a day in television in her life.

    Id have to say, other than the actual on-camera stuff, which I pretty much already knew how to do since it mostly comes naturally, I have learned way more at Rogers about how putting together a tv show works or doing different technical sort of positions.

    They do make you do a lot of boring shit work, especially if you're an intern and they know you need the hours, but if you're pushy and volunteer as much as you can and show interest, it's really easy to do other stuff. Just don't expect anything on air for a really long time. You get to go to the film festival and they also send volunteers to Omni to do stuff as well.

    Also, Seneca's program is only 2 years, the others are 3 years. I'm currently looking into post grad programs right now at places like Ryerson, and so many of the things I'm looking into require a "3 year diploma". So that might be another thing you want to consider.
  12. ravinjunkie

    ravinjunkie TRIBE Member

    What year did you go to Seneca and which campus?
  13. rejenerate

    rejenerate TRIBE Member

    Have you tried CHUM? We have interns in all kinds of departments/stations.
  14. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    anyone else have ideas?...or connections? *wink*
  15. Old Stradlater

    Old Stradlater TRIBE Member

    It can't be that hard to get into the Edge. They take interns all the time. Do you need to have the experience before you get accepted? or Do you need it to graduate? Have you already applied? It might not make a difference if you start now anyways.

    If you're ethnic Omni will take you 100%.
  16. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    York is always recruiting. I saw a posting there when I was on the radio in the summer. Call them. Go there. Make a fuss!
  17. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    the edge is practically impossible to get into...don't you remember a few months ago they had the "Poorly Paid Intern" contest? and in response to your question, Yes you have to have experience prior to getting accepted into the school.
  18. miss riot

    miss riot TRIBE Promoter

    Didn't you do some sort of co-op in school? Experience for RTA can also mean being published in newspapers & being an editor or something, without some huge deal, although most people have that even out of highschool (I was editor of newspaper & had interned at EMI/Virgin (who always need volunteers) & got into journalism & RTA)

    Most places like volunteers when you're already in uni though. Muchmusic is good cos if you get an internship there, unless you're a total dumbas you'll probably get a job. My Best friend interned at Rogers & it got her straight into MIT at Western. Volunteer experience is so essential for everything. Why don't you just walk into the radio stations? I got a volunteer gig at a awesome gallery like that once, I just walked in & said you need me & got the position. Phone, email - no one has time to get back to you.
  19. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    All of the universities/colleges EXPECT you to have work experience in the field of radio and TV before even considering you to those programs....so I don't understand how the tv and radio stations can say that they only want experienced people to volunteer there when they know what the universities and colleges are damanding of potential applicants.
  20. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    and by the way....NOT everyone was involved in the school newspaper!!!
  21. miss riot

    miss riot TRIBE Promoter


    as per your other thing, uni's want ambitious people & it's so competitive & if someone wasn't ambitious in high school they might as well end up at windsor or something, terrible but true. Opportunities arise if you're willing to stoop low & not worry about shame or integrity when you're young & willing to do anything.
  22. flawless_sound

    flawless_sound TRIBE Member

    you can't get experience if they don't give you that chance in the first place!
  23. Old Stradlater

    Old Stradlater TRIBE Member

    Flawless_Sound, your excuses are starting to get annoying. First off, I was accepted into Fanshawe, Humber, and Seneca (unfortunately I chose to go to Seneca), all without prior broadcasting experience so I KNOW it's not necessary to be accepted into those programs. Ryerson might be different, but you are saying all of the schools require previous experience and that is untrue.

    And it sounds like you're sitting there feeling sorry for yourself because you have no connections and therefore can't get an internship anywhere. That's too bad. I have no connections, and you know what? I bring people coffee at Rogers and Omni and sit there doing mindless work like teleprompter all day long. And I am a GRADUATE of a broadcasting program. So I don't know what dreams of grandeur you have, but don't expect them to come true right away.

    Sitting on a message board complaining about no connections isn't going to help.
  24. dyad

    dyad TRIBE Member

    plus there is nothing wrong with taking a more generalized program for a year so that you can get your experience.

    Most people end up changing their mind about their ultimate destination at some point throughout their university careers (aside from engineers who be touched with the crazy ;)) the program may be set up to draw people with a little more life experience if it truly is a catch 22 (experience for school/school for experience). Point being if you take a few arts courses next year while you intern or volunteer and get that experience you might even walk into your program a better writer than you are which can't hurt. One year doesnt make a difference and if it does you can always lie about your age.
  25. shortbus

    shortbus TRIBE Member

    i would say , dont email.
    go directly to the places you are applying to.
    my mom used to be head of marketing for chym fm in kitchener.
    you need to go there and bust balls to be heard and seen.

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