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Help I need a way to bypass password for user accounts with XP.


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I had set up a user account yesterday on my computer so that my roommate cannot get acces to my files when he is on my computer. I had set the password to sakicity but for some reason whenever i try to login it wont let me. I dont get it like the hint is prompts me for this answer. The only thing i can guess is that perhaps the a button was stuck or something and so when i entered in that password it did not register correctly.

Point being though I can no longer get access to my computer and i need to somehow. Is there a way i can bypass the user account password thing and get access to my user account?

If not i have to reformat this stupid comptuer and i lose all my files and well alot of other things as well.
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i dont want to sound like a dick, but google it. I only say this because I have been in the same situation, and I used a linux boot CD and changed a file within windows (cant remember exactly how), but it worked.

Type something like Lost Windows XP admin password or something.

Good luck.



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you can try hitting f8 before the windows screen starts to load, and try booting into like safe mode or something.. had a jackass stepdad try and lock me out of his computer once - and was able to login to the admin account without a password (the admin account didnt show on the login page on normal boot up)

good luck to ya


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F5 will boot you into the Advanced Boot options... hit this repeatedly before you would normally see the WinXP loading screen. Choose 'safe mode'.

You'll see a new user icon in the user list called 'Administrator'. Choose this. If you have WinXP Pro and you have already set this during WinXP Setup to a password you can no longer remember, you're fucked and will need to nuke'n'pave.

If you have WinXP Home or remember or left blank the Admin password, you'll boot into the Admin desktop. From here, go into Start->Control Panel->Users. From here you can change the password of your roommate's account.