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help for a newbie android user


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Why can't you use Android? Is it illegal or something?
It is often that each manufacturer has locks of one type or another on some portion of the hardware or software. Their release schedules for updates on phones are lacklustre at best. And they each have their own "flavor" of Android, in a sort of way.

One can get around this in 2 ways: Buy a Nexus branded device(meaning you get a pure android experience "from the source" with updates coming to you first), or turn to rooting and ROMs. Generally speaking it is all android/android-based, though there are getting to be other options out there.


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Yeah, the last BB I had also had that touch scroller but there is no comparison. One thing with these big Gorilla Glass screened smartphones is smudges, I think the S3 has a coating on it to cut down on it, but you'll find yourself wiping fingerprints off regularly - microfiber cloth is good for not scratching. I don't really believe in putting a screen protector on Gorilla Glass since it changes the usage experience and feel, but one thing that might interest you is that the screen protectors helps cut down on fingerprint smudges and makes for a little more traction if you find it too slippery.

Oh I think you asked about cases - I really like Seidio and have bought them for multiple phones. Used to think cases were unnecessary but have found out once is enough when dropping phones to damage them and lower resale value.

I have the Surface case - Seidio also sells their products in Best Buy under the Platinum label at like 50% the cost. It's good to be able to chuck the phone around without concern for scratching or damage.

SEIDIO | Samsung Galaxy S III Accessories

You might also see some other things you like at the associated S3 accessories forum on XDA

Galaxy S III Accessories - xda-developers
Now this is what I've been looking for. Thanks Deep!


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I'm pretty sure the Samsung that Erika has, isn't the from the Galaxy family and sounds like some other crappy Samsung like Wave or something frustrating.
It was the Galaxy Ace Q. It also had a shitty battery life, like non-existent compared to a BB. MoFo, do beware of that, you may find that frustrating.

Meanwhile, still remaining happy in my bb world: I make calls, text, email, use fb, check the weather and play mahjohng;that's all I need.


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Okay, so all this is helping me understand it more so thanks.

I have more questions.

1. I have 500mb a month for data. I used 65 mb on my last bill for my Blackberry.
So I should be okay, right? I will never watch a video or download music on this thing.

2. They offered me the LTE network for something like $15 extra a month. I said no. They sent me an LTE sim card anyway. So were they just talking shit or am I going to be charged extra for the LTE network?

3. Should I just trim my old sim card to fit this slot or use this new one for now? If it's not extra money for LTE, I don't mind using it.


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Actually BB and Android/IOS use data very differently so your monthly usage will increase quite significantly depending on how much you're using the web, social networking, email, downloading, etc.

To give you a basis of comparison with my BB monthly data use average 24.8 megs over a couple years. Since switching to Android average use is 580.5 megs. Last month I did 2 gigs (2000 megs). 500 megs for an Android or iOS phone isn't really a lot, you might risk running over the cap. They had some good plan deals lately with a lot of data thrown in - I switched to a 6GB plan then.

One way to keep mobile data use down is to do most of your data intensive tasks while connected to wifi at home or work. No mobile data used then. Which is why the average was so low during the BB days.

You probably won't be charged if you're on an LTE sim card but not an LTE plan - LTE is the way of the future, faster transfer speeds than even your home connection, but makes more sense if you want full speed while mobile.

I'd go with the new SIM card - it'll be more future proofed since they're phasing the old ones out.

One other thing I'd highly recommend if you're with Rogers is signing up for their One Number service. Free minutes / long distance in Canada using your computer like Skype, doesn't use up your mobile minutes. So if you're at home makes sense to use it like a home phone instead of using minutes or long distance fees on your mobile.
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I use about 200-300mb/month and I don't really have to watch what I download. As long as you're not downloading mp3s, movies, or streaming stuff you should be fine with 500mb. If you want to do all that on your phone do that when you're connected to wifi. Watching some youtube vids should be fine too.


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Thanks for the tips. Okay, I'll try the wifi method instead then. I will be using it mostly on the go when I'm bored and at night before bed. So that's cool. I forgot about the wifi aspect as BB never connected to anything. Ever. I set a data cap on mine at 450 MB so let's see what happens. The wifi option should totally solve this. Yay.

I don't have a router and have been using a default wifi for the last 2.5 years now with zero problems. So my next step should probably be to get a real router.

RE: sim card. Thanks Deep. Yeah, no LTE plan that I agreed to but I got confused when she said I could just use the old sim card but then I get a phone that doesn't fit it and a new sim card in the mail.


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Day 1 - pretty graphics. But I definitely miss the ol' clunker. I can see why people love this thing. It's got everything.

Typing is easier on this than the iPhone though and I'm getting used to it already. Give me 2 weeks and I should be typing at above average speeds.

I have NextTTC but prefer Nextbus but it doesn't let me save favourite stops. Any recommendations on another TTC app? I only want 2 stops on my home screen so one click away would be great. Anyone wanna help me with that? I don't want it to use GPS to look for my location as that takes too long. On my BB, it was just one click away as the GPS never worked so had them both bookmarked. A TTC widget could be neat.

Do widgets use up more data and power regularly?


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Widgets will use battery, especially if they're the kind that is checking something on a regular interval. Might be better to just launch an app when you need it like for TTC schedules. I used to find the text message service adequate - setup some predefined messages to text times for the stops I used so it was just one press to get info. Here are some other options.

bus@toronto is a simple, Holo-designed TTC schedule app for Android | MobileSyrup.com

Transit Now Toronto for Android makes it easier to catch that elusive streetcar | MobileSyrup.com

If you're in the market for a router Asus' seems to get universally picked as the best - I'd get the N66, but the N56 is good too. Linksys E3200 is a good cheap pick

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I bought the Asus RT-N66U a couple weeks ago and it's been great. Just make sure you update the firmware.

-- Jay aka Fut


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Thanks. Looking into it.

The apps are a little buggy. So far, the thing has crashed a few times and it's only day 2 with not much usage. I'm gonna play with it some more.

I'm trying to figure out how to save images onto the phone from FB. lol


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You mean like the same as right click -> save as on your computer?

Haven't heard of that before (wanting to save pictures from FB onto the phone), Facebook app might not allow that, but if you browse FB through the browser you might be able to long press (hold down) on the picture and get an option to save the picture somewhere on your phone.


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Well, I share it to my own email and download it onto the phone. That seems to be the only way I can figure out now.
But with my bb, I could press a "right click" button and it gives me all options associated with an image. Like usually a huge list of options like to save, turn it into an image file, set as wallpaper, send it, email it, MMS it, copy it etc... It worked with all images no matter where it was from: FB, websites etc. Handy.

Is there a good image organizer? I'm just using Gallery with Vaulty for hiding sexy photos but what about stuff like organizing albums, renaming folders and such? Picasa was a bitch to use.


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Quickpic is a popular option, I was using it before but don't really need more than the Gallery. You should be able to do all that stuff with it, maybe not directly from the FB application, but might have some more options in the browser version with the long press approach. But the share -> email -> save works too.


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Maybe not specific to android (i have an S3), but wondering about this mobile picture sync thing for fb. I said no. From what I heard, if you clicked yes, every photo would automatically be uploaded to fb. Not an option. Was I incorrect, or is that how it works?

The reason I ask is that now every photo I post to fb is an individual file. For example, instead of one post that says, "NemIsis posted photos to mobile uploads etc., ), I now have 6 large photos posted to my wall. Seems a bit much really. It started after I said no the the sync. Can I change this on my mobile app?


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couple weeks back I was in a cab.. the cabbie was like. Oh, iPhone 5 eh? let me proceed to tell you for the next 10 minutes why your phone sucks and my galaxy s3 rocks.

okay man. just take it.. android sucks anyway.. looks campy as shit.

like homer and the ice cream truck crazy.. okay man.



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No problem :) Hope you are enjoying the switch.
So far I've had 3 Asian guys in their 60's message me and I set up a threesome with neighbours that I've been checking out for months on the bus. Not bad for a few days!