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HELP: ethernet over power or some such term?


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Help oh geeks of tribe!

I bought a new stereo; the receiver has an Ethernet connection, but my router is upstairs and hard-wiring is not an option.

The guy doing the installation (yes, it was from Bay-Bloor and they come and install for free :eek:) said that I can get a gizmo that is called Ethernet over power or power to Ethernet or something like that: something that goes into the outlet behind the receiver, connects in some Wi-Fi way to my router upstairs, then has a hard connection to my receiver.

He also said some of these devices are better than others. So....... anyone know anything about this and have any recommendations?

Bonus question:

On the CD player (yes, I still got one of those), there is an iPod/USB connector; on the receiver there is one that looks similar but more narrow, that says 5V=21A (is that 5 volts 21 amperes?).

What's the difference between the two?

Many thanks!
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Powerline networking works remarkably well and it still seems like sorcery to me. And I work in this field...
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Powerline adapters won't work if your outlets are on different circuits.



Not quite, powerline adapters will work best on the same circuit, but will work almost as well on all circuits on the same breaker panel (as the largest step down transformer into the panel itself).

Powerline adapters will also work, although with lots of errors across panels (for instance one panel feeding a sub panel), this is due to going across another step down transformer.