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Help converting a .tif file


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hey, I have 2 forms that got sent to me via email...

They are forms from the insurance compnay and they can only be saved in .tif format.

When I try to print them from the preview it says, 'you must run quick link 3 before printing.

I tried to open it in MS word, and I get alot of wierd symbols.

So, I looked up this quicklink 3 but canot find it anywhere for download.

I have to print off these forms and sign them, to be returned via mail.

So, anyone know what I should do?

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.tif is an image file.

open it in photoshop, paint or any other plethora of image software and print from there.

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try a program called irfanview. it should be free.

when i worked at zurich (insurance company) the employees used it to view & print tif/tiff files. it's a pretty small program too.

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