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Help! Can't connect to the internet


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I can't seem to connect to the internet through the router. No problem connecting through the modem, so I am assuming it's a problem with the router. My computers do detect a network connection(I can transfer files between computers), but can't connect to any websites.

- I have a dlinnk 624+ router, the firmware has been updated.
- Was working fine before, only stopped working yesterday.

I am not an expert at computers, but I think this may be the problem...

From the one of the tabs in the router admin page:

MAC Address
DHCP Client Disconnected
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

- I tried to release and renew the DHCP (there were buttons for this), but was unable to renew(got a timed out message).

Anyone idea what I can do?
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if your on Rogers and have one of the Motorola Surfboard cable modems, you have to unplug the power from the modem, wait 5 secs, and then plug it back in for it to recognize the router and its new firmware


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That seems to have solved the problem, a firmware upgrade was what it needed.

Weird, I wonder why it just stopped working just like that.
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