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Help: Anyone who bought Sasha's Global Underground San Francisco


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Can you do me a favour and tell me if you hear an audible gap between tracks 1 & 2 on CD2?

I think the CD I just bought to replace an old one is fucked. There's a 0.5 second gap that shows up in Soundforge, and obviously I don't think there should be one.
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Nesta said:
Just listened to this a few days ago... there should be no gap.
Thanks homey. It appears as though my copy does. Oh well, ripped the CD and then edited out the gap on the wav file. I don't think the copy I bought is a bootleg (printing on the inner rings of the CD, packaging, etc.). But then again I wasn't particularly blown away by the mastering of the recording. It seems this is one of the later pressings that have the different font on the cover and was made in Singapore.


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no such problems with my stolen copies (high quality mp3)

sucks that your bought copies have that issue ... i'd say that's pretty much unacceptable ...
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