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HELP - anyone know lotus (spreadsheet application)


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I need some info or a lesson in lotus' spreadsheet application.

I know Microsoft Excel(a little bit, and I have a training cd) but I've never used Lotus before.

On my application for a job I stated my knowledge of Microsoft Excel but they are testing on Lotus, and I assume it's the spreadsheet program, as it is inventory/accounting type work.

Can anyone help me out! Either with a lesson, a version of the software, etc.....

I'm willing to pay!!!!! =P

thanx =)
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Is this an agency or a job?

Agency's have pre-determined tests and its very possible to get a good score if you just know the basics of windows.

I got 80% score in MS Access through common sense and a few guesses. I've never used access before.

And NO ONE uses Lotus... its very similar to Excel anyways... cut, paste, format cells, etc. If you know excel you shouldn't have any problems.


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how are you willing to pay?