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Help a bruv out with a stag, please...


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I've been put in charge of sorting out details for a stag in Montreal in March/April.

We'll have 8-10 people from out West and we're looking for stuff to do in Montreal.

Does anybody have any suggestions on:
- Where to go?
- Where to stay?
- What to do?
- Awesome places to eat?

None of us have been before. I think our first concern will be accommodations. I heard you can rent condos/houses for a short period of time (e.g. a few nights). Can anybody provide any clarification on that?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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You gotta hit up Taboo. One of the best strip clubs in the city

The Plateau is a great neighborhood and you can probably find a nice townhouse rental in the area for the week / weekend

Rue St Catherine strip is also full of life, but kind of cliche at the same time.

No shortage of great restaurants in the city either depending on what you're after. You must hit L'Avenue for brunch one of the days you're there. Best brekkie / brunch ever.

Just shoot me a pm / email etc for more details