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Hello, I'm Dutch and I listen to DOOMTRANCE!


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The Picture:


The interview:

i am omkara techichi, i produce heavy distorted sounds combined with energetic wave pulses which i have named TekNoir or Dark Energy; the names say it all. In holland these style are referred to as New-Industrials and Dark Style.

my style is a combination of darkcore, hardtekno, psycho-goa, doomtrance.

Why this name?
omkara is the representation of the highest soul in sound, otherwise known as the sonical god. its derived from the ancient language Sanskrit.

techichi is an alien dog from the sky.

together it sounds very japanese and i like it.

Do you play live?
yes, im playing @ a lot more events nowadays, for instance hellbound, multigroove (in the future) and other simular parties. its mainly in holland for now, but i also had some requests to do a gig in england...

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
internet is the modern day tower of babylon and makes it possible for everybody to learn now forms of musical expression. music is an universal language and much is to be learned from the sounds which are forged by our subconcious. i dont care that i make less money due to the internet; it is important that as many people get the chance to listen what i have created.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
i already have it.

Band History:
maybe later.

Your influences?
im into industrial-rock, goa-trance, darkcore, techno, soundscapes, freaky-ambient etc.

Favorite spot?
for now; i dont think its on this planet...

Equipment used:
i produce with my trusty pc, a roland ef-303, a pioneer djm-600, midi-keyboard + midi-controller and yes believe it or not; i work with reason 2.5 and do the post-production work with wavelab and some quality plug-ins.

Anything else...?
haha, im interested in meeting people from my home-planet.
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I didnt know you could produce with a DJM 600. That some intergalactic shit right there!

[/loads doomterrortrance reason refill patch]