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Guelph gig was a no go (condolences, Matt), so decided to go down'n check things out. Traxx (main reason I went) was supposed to have gone on 'round midnight. Hell went on first instead, just before one. I only caught about 40 mins of his set, don't know if he picked the pace up from there. Nothing to write home about, in either the mixing dept. or in his track selection.. I've only heard a handful of his Gigilo releases, and they've never really twisted my cap - feel the same way about his d.j.ing this time out. Got bored, went home, end review.

Highlight of the evening was running into an ex-gf who's looking mighty fiiiiiyine (copyright Axl Rose) these days...

i. (who will still hear Traxx on Saturday)
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Adam Duke

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Adam "the killer" Marshall
David "crazy man" Cooper
Traxx "the toxic demonic crusader"
"count drac" Ali
"fantasmic" Onastic

$5 w/ costume
$10 w/out

from dusk till dawn....
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Originally posted by The Truth:
I picked up a flyer at the Hell gig which lists The Advent Live at Tonic on Wednesday November 15.

Have you heard any of the recent Advent releases? *yawn* *snooze*


Adam Duke

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I agree...the advent has been putting out a lot of rehashes of their older tracks and calling them by different names.

.....but their still pretty pumpin' and there's a few surprises as well. Plus, I love the new elektro they've been putting out...

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Shit! Wish I'd seen this thread before last night!

The house party I was @ last night cleared out @ 1;30 to hit a club. We decided upon Turbo, cause there was Eddie X for housers andHell for the technosnobs.

And now I find out Traxx and my fave locals were @ Zen Lounge?

Wouldn't be so bad excpet Turbo was expensize AND DJ Hells set was dissappointing. Sure, it had energy, and yes he did an amazing job of flawless smotth mixing & cutting. But it was almost ALL clubcheddar techno. He was playing for the club cheddar crowd, so I guess its what most ppl wanted, but I was let dopwn..I wanted more hardcore minimal stuff and all i got was the same kick drums, same base line and a few different filtered high hat patterns, just with different tones. It was like on long track, all the same. Blah. Techno to get fucked up on drugs to. Noit what I wanna hear when I'm stone cold sober. Matt C on the other hand did a more interesting fun set. Not chin stroking techno, but pretty sweet.