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Helix the TV show reviews?


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I bought season 1 down with me and I am halfway into it. It is like 28 Days Later meets The Thing. Besides the Arctic, there's a creepy Japanese scientist, an evil corporate overlord (7 of Nine who is still kind of hawt in spite of being a bit soft), an evil twin, an endangered native population with missing children are thrown in for good measure. There you have it.
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Second seasons off to a good start. Can't really blow it for alex if he's only half way through season one. Very different from before. I'm liking it!
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First season was interesting to see what they did with it. second is starting off in a way that im not sure really fits in with the previous season.

not sure what they are going to do with it.

I will see what happens, but it could bomb quite quickly.

[spoil] i do like the aspect of the bouncing back and forth between the timelines. although it seems awfully 12 monkeys but not as good, and without actual time travel..[/spoil]