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Helium Kills

Subsonic Chronic

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It's pretty stupid of them, but it's not that weird. Your body needs oxygen to survive, replace that with some inert gas and you're fucked.

Forget this very important fact, and you're nominating yourself for a Darwin award.
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I thought this article was about somebody getting killed AT helium.
But yeah, it's not THAT big of a balloon.. how de fack did they get inside?


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I think your brain is fooled into thinking your lungs are full of air, so you don't experience a drowning feeling. Instead you just pass out and maybe die from lack of oxygen.

TaCk OnE?

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I passed out a fair once when I was about 10 cause a friend of mine and I were sucking back all the free helium balloons we could get our hands on.

I woke up shortly afterwards as I wasn't obviously inside a balloon, and I'm not too worried about the darwin award either, being 10 and all...but yah, it can fuck you up quick.


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Breathing in helium isnt exactly what caused the deaths.
Not breathing oxygen may be a more likely cause of death (aka suffocation).

If you breath helium do the terrorists win?

"It was more a fun thing they thought they were doing," said Linda Rydman,

'more a fun thing'? .... does she mean that they thought they were doing something more fun than dying? what?
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