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Heliocentric: a melodic psytrance mix


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01 :: Vatos Locos - Innovato [Dragonfly]
02 :: Matenda - Force Majeure [Flow]
03 :: Cosma - People on Hold [Hom-mega]
04 :: S>Range - Microchip 23 [Spirit Zone]
05 :: BLT & Danny Makov - News [Iboga]
06 :: Chromosome - Borderlines [Y.S.E.]
07 :: Ace Ventura - Cardiac Arrest (Zen Mechanics Remix) [Iboga]
08 :: FREq - Cosmic Nature [Z.M.A.]
09 :: Natural Flow - Flying Toasters [Groove Zone]
10 :: Jaïa - From Tokyo [Digital Structures]
11 :: Magnetrixx - Syntex [AP]
12 :: Silver Surfers - Mudjaji (Protoculture Remix) [Nano]
13 :: Psypilot - Full Om [Turbo Trance]
14 :: Orion - Groove Control [Solstice]
15 :: Mr. Peculiar - Crystal Energy [Sonic Dragon]
16 :: Blue Planet Corporation - Alidade (Wizzy Noise Remix) [Candyflip]

This is the sound of summer: sixteen upbeat tracks smoothly mixed into a journey that softly builds from thoughtful grooves towards an energetic peak. The introduction is purposefully sedate, though Cosma's song rapidly catalyzes the emotive power of the developing storyline. The mix keeps on pumping steadily until Jaïa's From Tokyo, when a funky tribal twist alters the trajectory and sends the mix spiralling up into the full-on morning trance style of Psypilot and Mr. Peculiar. The last track is a winning remix of an old classic which is sure to leave one with a lingering sense of residual warmth and satisfaction.

Heliocentric is my second shot at a harmonic mix, blending melodies in complimentary keys for the majority of the transitions between tracks. This allows me to mix for longer periods of time, enriching the flow with a greater degree of musicality. Enjoy!

Download: 256k MP3 .torrent (146Mb)

Mixed & arranged by: Basilisk
Length: 79 minutes
Recorded: January 13th, 2006

Feedback? It would be nice to have a few comments right on my site ;)

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Littlest Hobo

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I've had the priviledge of listening to this for some time, and it is excellent. Awesome mixing and ends with one of my favourite tracks in memory. The Hobo gives it 4.5 empty cans of Lysol out of 5.
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I haven't commented!?! What's to say, really? Basilisk is the man, and if you think of psytrance DJs as perennial trainwreckers and acid-damaged nutjobs, he'll happily prove you wrong. The track selection is impeccable, the programming has direction, and the mixing is seamless. Dig it. :)