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Heineken X mas party tonight a systems

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I went last year. The music sucked in the main room but in the back it was OK. You can only buy Heineken beer all night so be prepared after your 2 free ones run dry.

It was a good party, really great staff at System made it better. But hearing Crooklin Clan - Be Faithful in System was a bit harsh.

"Engine engine number ......" Ya the song was annoying the first ten thousand times I heard it, now it's torture.


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ya the music last year did suck , it was that chick that used to spin at helium:p I think itl be a good place to go before hitting Nasa, I will at least stay for a couple drinks;)



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Rob and I are going to check this out till it sucks. Then we're also hitting NASA.

Any and all are welcome to join the drunk parade.
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i will join the drunk parade if i can be one of those upside down clowns.

oh who am i kidding. i'm there, regardless.

*strokes clown costume lovingly*
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terrawrist III

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im picky today...is it worth going for the free drinks?...and I'll go if there's some old hip hop playing...and is it worth heading there alone...all these factors weigh in for me tonight
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